I am being a bit mean today. I keep you from having a really fun time. I could write in swedish. I speak swedish all the time. But writing is something else. You would laugh a LOT if this would be written in swedish. Maybe my next text in this blog will be in swedish. You can always hope…




EM in Skattungbyn. The quiet life in Skattungbyn gets disturbed. Thousands of orienterare running around in the forest. Shiny blue toilets on our fields. Baking thousandtwohundred kanelbullar and over fifty bread-loafs.


Welcome to Cafe in Ollars.



Thursday, 6 am in Ollars.

A few eager kursare meet to cook coffee, prepare sandwiches, light candles on the tables. Put on some juicy morning tunes. Then they sit down and wait. And drink coffee. And wait. And eat kanelbullar. And wait. Read the newest ÅTER. And wait. At nine – the eager workers are quite filled up with coffee and kanelbullar by now – come the first guests. And soon after that, the eager early-birds are set free by the next shift of course-students coming to work.







And then they come. Masses and masses of sweaty but glad orienterare. Their eyes shine when they come in. What a cosy fik. From then on, the cafe in Ollars is filled with working course students and tired orienterare that need a break, for two days.

They enjoy raw chocolate balls (chilli!!!), surdegsbröd with hommos, and kanelbullar (of course) to the view over the valley full of orienterare, orienterare, orienterare, tents and tv-screens and a lot of other strange things.


At the same time, some of us take care of our fields. Only a thin staket seperates the thousands of guests from our fields, and the land is wet, so we REALLY dont want them to jump on it. We put up the tipi so we can sit there and have an eye on ”our land”.




Friday, 6 pm. EM in Skattungbyn is over. Two hours ago the village was full of thousands of people. Now they are all gone, the village is left alone and everything is the way it always has been. Except for the toilets on the fields and quite a lot of garbage everywhere.


In Ollars we are counting money. A part of it will go to ”Ingen människa är illegal”, the other part we will use for studiebesök.

We are happy about the money and happy about the 2 days of action.

It feels good to work together as a group.




Om Skattungarna

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